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The Artificial Intelligence and Automation Research Group (AIA) of the Federal University of Lavras was created in 2013 and aims at developing Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools, applying them to a wide range of purposes, from agribusiness to biomedical signal processing. Through Machine Learning and Computational Intelligence techniques, such as Artificial Neural Networks, Fuzzy Systems and Evolutionary Computation, we analyze data sets and extract knowledge from them, recognizing patterns, making predictions, and controlling real processes. We develop our own embedded systems and automate various processes.


Data Analytics

We develop tools for identification of non-linear systems (soft-sensors), signal and image processing, pattern recognition, time series prediction, and data mining with machine learning techniques.

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Precision Agriculture

We implement AI techniques for pattern recognition, such as in fault detection and machinery performance analysis, time series prediction, image processing and agricultural process control with the goal of increasing productivity.

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Biomedical Engineering

In order to assist the health professional in decision making, we applied AI techniques to analyze EEG, EMG, ECG, Respiratory Sounds, and patient risk analysis. We implement our own real time data acquisition and processing systems.

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Smart Grids and Energy Efficiency

We propose methodologies to detect faults in distributed electrical networks, such as disturbances of power quality, to optimize the energy matrix and to use renewable energies.

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Natural Language Processing

We develop modern algorythms and techniques of Natural Language Processing, providing solutions that increase the human-machine interaction.

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Artificial Intelligence and Automation

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